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Did you know that, according to the Wall Street Journal, 19 out of 20 Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) are eligible for tax incentives, but don’t claim them? A Bloomberg Study concluded that large companies claim a disproportionate share of Credits because many SMBs either find it difficult to file the required IRS info or are simply unaware they qualify for credits.
In fact, according to the FTB, approximately 15% of all tax credits are filed by SMBs (under $10M in revenue), and that business with $1B in revenue claim 77% of the total value. What these Fortune 500 Companies have that most small business owners do not is expertise of the Big Four Accounting firms, who they pay huge fees to manage the process of filing for the incentives.
Our program changes all that! You’ll receive expert advice from tax specialists whose only focus is on qualifying you for the Rebates & Incentives rightfully yours…that the US Government wants to you have!

  • Offer Health insurance to your employees?
  • Offer custom solutions to your clients?
  • Experiment/Test new materials, supplies or chemicals?
  • Perform any Design Work?
  • Have any other locations? Out of city? Out of State?
  • Export Products to other Countries
  • Have a wholesale component to your business?
  • Perform training for your team or yourself via the internet
  • Improved or upgraded your website
  • Initiated any type of social media campaign
  • Changed, adjusted, or improved your e-commerce software?
  • Made adjustments to your business model?
  • Changed your procedures & processes?
  • Had any risk with your Business?


Featured Rebates & Incentives

  • ERC Cares Act – even if your company received and was previously forgiven for a PPP Loan and even if your business is growing…it still may qualify if impacted negatively by the Pandemic in 2020 and in 2021. With an average incentive of $8,000 per employee, its worth a 15 min phone call with the experts to see if you qualify. Act now before year end.
  • Preventative Health Management Program. Employers earn payroll tax incentives when their employees download a healthy living app provided by the US Gov that gives them tips on healthy eating and fitness. When employees check in quarterly on the app, the Government deposits $$ in health care reimbursement account in their name.  It’s FREE money for the employee with zero contribution from the employer.   Companies that add this benefit to their existing Health Care plan see 90%+ enrollment.  There is zero extra cost to the employer. 
  • ADA Compliant Website – for businesses with less than $1M a year in Revenue, if you made your site accessible for Americans with Disabilities, you qualify for a rebate of up to 50% of the cost of your new website. (If you haven’t yet done it…we can help you remake your site ADA compliant and earn 50% back from Uncle Sam!)
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“I’ve always believed that the tax code should encourage the success of small to medium businesses…they are the economic engine of our economy.    Business Owners and Tax Accountants alike often think that tax incentives are for big corporations, and nothing could be further from the truth.   There are over 1,100 incentives available…and they will help your business succeed and thrive!”

Senator Chuck Grassley, R- Iowa

Chairman of the Finance Committee and Vice Chairman of Taxation

Claim Government Rebates & Incentives

“The Same is True with Tax incentives for Small and Medium Businesses – You simply need to show up to get your fair share!  The Government WANTS to give away this money!”

– More Wisdom from Senator Chuck

Example Rebates & Incentives Secured for Business Owners

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